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E got me to install Norton Systemworks this afternoon (instead of McAfee’s Virus Scanner) and I guess McAfee really has been catching viruses for me and deleting them. I mentioned a while back that I’d been getting a lot of blank emails - in the last 2 hours since I installed, Norton already cleaned 2 emails with the Klez virus in it! So at least I know why I had all the blank emails before, even though McAfee wasn’t telling me about it. Man, I’m so happy to have virus scanners - I can’t imagine if I really had to worry about this stuff more than seeing the little icon is checking!! smile

If you don’t have a virus scanner, look into it. With all the crazy spam these days, it sure couldn’t hurt. I went back and checked the Call For Help website, because I know Chris talked about a free scanner - Looks like you can get AVG Anti-Virus System for free (they have a free version for home users) if you don’t have access to McAfee or Norton’s products.


I’ve been using the free version of AVG for a little over a year now. Excellent program.

McCaffee sucks in my humble opinion. lol. We had it to start out with and ended up with a virus regardless. After that we installed Norton’s and haven’t had a problem since. All hail Norton’s! Whoohoo! smile

Yep, I’ve been using AVG since my computer died - I had 78 infected files (!!!) thanks to the Klez virus that PC-Cillin and an online scanner hadn’t picked up. And it’s quicker at scanning the whole kit and caboodle, too. smile