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odd spam

I’ve been getting the oddest spam lately. At least 3 or 4 a day like this. They all have totally blank emails in the body, but with a weird topic like Happy AllHallowmas or marginwidth. I’m just not quite sure if they are just pinging to see if my email address works or what, but why send so many various emails from so many different email addresses to me? So strange.
delete, delete, deleted


Hate to freak you out, but have you virus checked lately? When I was going through my computer woes, I read alot about the Klez virus - and how lots of the emails had blank bodies. Better safe than sorry?

I’ve been getting them too and they do have a virus. Norton catches them every time on my computer. Be careful!

Yes, be careful and keep your virus software updated. They’re almost always a virus. I got a couple a while back too. smile

sad thing is... I’ve been getting return mails... as if I’ve been sending these things out! Someone out there is spamming with my return addy!