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sleep and pizza

I’m feeling a bit better today - my headache is mostly gone, and I got extra sleep last night (and a nap this afternoon. I’m still not feeling so motivated, but I’ve played a game and talked to my sister (about other sisters piercings, oh my!).

E’s out getting my drugs I forgot to tell him to get yesterday, and PIZZA!!! Pizza Hut tried to tell him that they discontinued the Cheese Lover’s pizza - why would they do that? All the other Lover’s pizzas don’t appeal to me. Silly people, I think the guy on the phone was just on crack.

Happy Saturday, all!


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Happy Saturday, cutie!

I am the same way. The Cheese Lovers is the only one I’d consider too. When I used to eat meat, the Meat Lovers was way too much freakin' meat. The Veggie Lovers is the same way. But cheese? You can never have too much cheese. ;)

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