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mozilla multizilla

The more I surf with Mozilla, the more I like it. Now what I really need is multizilla. Its still in beta, and I don’t think I want to reinstall everything to try it, but it has some great options. The one I’m really looking for is "open target="_blank" windows as tabs". That would make me darn happy!!! smile


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You can actually do that last thing with Mozilla at least on a Mac. Just click on the link with the Apple key pressed down. Instead of opening in a new window, it opens in a tab.

I use Moz all the time. It rocks. I almost never open explorer except for use with just a few websites who haven’t discovered "cross-browser implementation". They suck.

(P.S. Check your Comment Error Template. It’s old... smile

Hold down ctrl while clicking the link and it opens in a new tab if you have that option checked in your prefs. Or if you have a 3 button mouse, you can configure the middle button to open links in tabs. Tabbed browsing rules!

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