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The moon must be in just the perfect place the last few nights - I can see it moving across my window as the night goes by. Its really bright too - there must be very clouds out there.

I’ve always loved looking at the stars and moon. Now that I sleep so much, I don’t get to do it so much, but my parent’s house has an amazing view because they don’t have very many lights in the area. I used to sit out there in a lawn chair in the dark and just stare at the stars.

Did you know that today, there was 9 Hrs., 33 Mins of daylight? and 91% of the moon is visible tonight in the Vancouver, WA night sky?


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heehee, you and i always end up with the same neato skins at the same time. guess what Winamp skin I’ve been using for the past week or so?! smile

happy Sunday sweet girl

Yes, I can understand very well you, I love moon and stars myself, it’s some serenety and eternety feeling. Yes, but I am Cancer so - moon for me is fascinated thing.

*still in Les Miz mode (you are going to have to head out to Longview to see their production!) singing* "Stars... In their multitude... "

Flagstaff, the city I just moved from, is the home of Lowell Observatory. (Mr. Lowell discovered Pluto there.) So, the city makes a BIG effort to not impede the observatory. No one is allowed to have bright lights. The entire city is yellow at night from the lights, because I guess that doesn’t effect the telescope. You can see the sky beautifully there. I loved looking at the stars, and watching the clouds race across the night sky. smile

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