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taking care of myself

So I’ve definitely been feeling worn down and a bit sad. I think that these new drugs are sneaking up on me and doing different things, and that’s caught me unaware.

I’m trying to take a bit better care of myself today. Even though I woke up for a while in early morning, I did go back to sleep and stayed and cuddled in the blankets a bit longer than normal. I got up and did a few things, but mainly rested on the couch for a while before I headed off to the bed with the new book I’m reading - CSS: The definative guide - Do you believe that this is the first CSS book I’ve ever read? smile

After resting for a while, I climbed into the shower for a nice long, hot relaxing shower. I’m all clean, and that goes a long way to feeling better.

Unfortunately, my brain still wants to equate "feeling better" with "able to do stuff". And with CFS, that’s a dangerous comparison! Because if I do feel well enough to do stuff, I tend to do too much. And so goes the push-->crash cycle.

So here it goes. I’m gonna try to do some things, but NOT TOO MUCH!!! I’ve got candles lit in here to help with relaxing, I put peppermint foot treatment on my dry feet, and my favorite Christian radio station on. smile


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Girlfriend, anyone who just reads computer books has my utmost admiration. Bless you, child. smile

{{hugs}} I hope you feel better soon! It’s hard getting used to new meds!

Enjoy your book!

Aww girlie... :-\

Being one that has gone thru the medication rigamarole, just realize it’s the meds and not you. Take it easy. Be glad you have a caring husband. It’ll all smooth out in a bit. smile


I hope you feel better. When I was on anti-depressants, I wasn’t the best person to be around. I was pretty moody and intollerable, tired too. So I got off the medication, now I feel better. I don’t think it’s an option but just saying I can relate. ;) Need a virtual assistant or something? I’ll volunteer to help you out ;)

You should do a review on the CSS book when you’re done because I need one and would like your opinion smile

Sounds like you have the right idea for relaxation sweetie. Hopefully the meds will even themselves out at some point. Hang in there. {{{{hugs}}}}}

I hope you feel better really soon sweetie, sounds like you have the relaxation techniques down, so let’s hope they help! Hugs!

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