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evening recap

I made it through the appt. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and she didn’t beat me up too bad for not being in there sooner.

We stopped at Target afterwards to check and see if they had the lamp I found online. They did, but it looked really bad in person. So we skipped that. The trip wasn’t an entire loss though... they had halloween candy on 75% off, and we got a big bag of mellowcreme pumpkins and a big bag of candy corn for 49 cents each!!! Yay! It was worth the pain that it took to walk through the store!

Then we went and got E’s oil changed. And decided to go up to the cute Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was pretty good - I had a Fajita tosado thing - spicy, but good. I taste like peppers and onions now!

I’m a bit worse for wear, my back and legs hurt quite a bit, but I got to go out, and I’m done with the appts for at least a little while.

So I explained that I’m doing worse, and completely at home. She referred to me as having CFS and Fibro, which is kinda interesting for her to say; I think that they’ve already ruled out Fibro, but if they didn’t, that’s why I’m in so much pain.

She asked about exercise - I said "up and down the stairs 5-10 times a day" and maybe to the mailbox once a week. She’d like me to really slowly increase that. Maybe 2 mailbox trips a week to start with? So yeah, I’ve promised to see what I can do slowly.

She said she’d be willing to do anything she could to make me more comfortable while I do the exercise. She’s seen it do good things in other Fibro/CFS patients, and it can’t hurt to try some while being careful to not do the push/crash cycle over and over.

I told her about my jumpiness, and she said that 50mg of Zoloft really is a low dose, and she thinks going up to 100mg is a good idea. I told her other people I’d talked to had good sucess with Ambien, and how my dreams had been so distrubing. She said absolutely, that was a good idea, and that might make me more rested to do the exercise easier anyhow. So I’m gonna try that out. The only problem with it is that she says after a while, it looses its impact, and so I may have to increase the dose after a while for the same results.

She refilled my zoloft presciption for another month, and gave me 30 days worth of an ambien prescription, so I just need to check in w/her again sometime around that time. Hopefully, I can just do a call in, and not have to go in and see her.

She’s gonna check on the doctors on the list I gave her, too. But she wasn’t too enthusiastic about the doctor that’s in WA, so it’ll be a while before I get in to see anyone that’s CFS-specialized.

So that’s the deal. Its not like any of this on its own is really impactful. Just baby steps. But maybe together with that and my newly found self-help knowledge, I can try to be comfortable while I work on being comfortable in this skin.


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I’m glad that it sounds like your appointment worked out well. I’m on some meds that are making me not sleep when I should (bedtime) and want to sleep when I shouldn’t (at work). I have an appt in about a week and I’m going to see what I can do because I’m so tired during the day that it’s distracting.

Also, about the lighting... Brad and I both have Ott-Lites next to our bed (he has one on his desk too). They’re natural light lights. He got his at Office Max/Depot. http://www.ott-lite.com/ Oh, they weren’t cheap, but I haven’t replaced my bulb and I’ve had the light for about 4 years.

Oops, I didn’t mean to go on like that. *blush*

Kristine, It sounds like you had a good day overall. I’m glad. I was thinking about you today. Baby steps are good. Now I’m going to go check out Lisa’s Ott-Lite. Sounds interesting.

Hooray for a good doctor’s appointment! =)

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