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do it right or

....not at all!

That’s been my theme since yesterday. Apparently, I ignore my real jobs when I’m pms-y smile

So instead, I worked on a few organization things. I must have an organizing bug smile I put together the to do blog I’d been wanting to do - love:daily. I’ve got it nice and plugin-ed up to make things easy and happy to work with. And its colorful, which also makes me happy!

And then while I was playing with plugins, I realized I wanted to have easier access to the documentation for the MT plugins I have installed. So what do I do? I make myself some documenation and even html'ed the text documents so I could use them easier smile

I’m so silly. Those projects weren’t necessary, but I did them ALL the way when I did them smile This afternoon better be a bit more productive, for my clients sakes!! smile


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LOL! Kristine, I do this all the time too! I am such a procrastinator when I find something like this I want to accomplish! smile

I love it! You always come up with the coolest things!

Btw, if you go to http://kadyellebee.com/daily (without the last slash), you get an error.

A couple of years ago I read that when you are PMS-y, you are more likely to becoming an organizing/cleaning fiend. I know it’s true for me... that’s the weekend the whole apartment gets cleaned and papers get put away. Wacky.

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