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Like I said a month ago, I am so tempted to buy the Creative Xtreme Bundle. The deadline for having to have purchased it is this week, and so I’m looking through it all again. I think I’m convinced myself that I should get in. But then I worry, and change my mind.

I’m wishing I was close to a group of designers again for this very reason - so I could ask their advice on these. Although I see that Shirley recommends KPT6, and I know that KPTGoo is a fav of Dana’s. I know its a good deal. I know its a huge number of plugins. I know that there are at least some of them that I already can envision using. But its a lot of money. And its so close to Christmas, should I spend on the money on my business when we don’t have two incomes? On the other hand, I’ve done some pretty big jobs lately that will help pay for it. And when I talked to my mom earlier, she said she’d try to get a couple of my paychecks to me before Christmas.

So I’m reading some reviews and more information on these plugins so I can be sure I really *need* them. Product Summary - procreate KPT Effects tells me a lot of info, and definitely makes me want it.

Dreamy Photo and Mosaic, are okay, but not something I’d use all the time. I definitely like some of the photo effects in Dream Suite: series 2, and the mesh stuff is cool. I think some of those effects would make neato headers for sites, and I’m sure that I could make them have still look unique. But the real draw is the KPT filters. KPT6’s Goo is something I’ve been hearing about for a very long time. Sky Effects looks excellent. Gel and Turbulence look cool. KPT Effects is the newer of the KPT plugins, and it has some nice looking stuff (see above review). And KPT 5/3 has an amazing array of options.

See, look, now I convinced myself again. LOL


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I have KPT 5, 6, and Effects and they are great. I use them tons. And I do the same thing you’re doing, convince myself to buy expensive software when I don’t have the money and I don’t really need it smile

Have you ever thought of joining a group like Digital Eve or Webgrrls (bleh Webgrrls)? I’m on the Seattle Digital Eve mailing list and there’s tons of design discussion on it. A very talented bunch actually.

I got the bundle right after they made the offer. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made (Actually that hubby has made for me *g*). I"m not using it very much right now, but that’s only because I’m in a funk where I cannot find the confidence in creating what I want.

It’s a great deal. I say go for it.

I would say, if you’ve thought about it this much, it’s something you should do. It’s not some fluke impulse buy. You’ve put a lot of serious thought into it, and will put the products to good use. If you can’t justify $200 right before Christmas, consider just buying the KPT stuff, seeing as how that’s what you’re really attracted to (providing it’s cheaper than $200.) ;)

In the end, while you may not have a full 2-income family, you will be using these tools to help your business, which will bring in money...

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