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Creative Xtreme

I am so tempted. Creative Xtreme™ Bundle is on sale with DreamSuite II, ALL of the KPT filters, and a Techture filter. That’s an amazing deal even at $199.

I’ve been eyeing KPT 6 for its Goo filter for a long time because that’s what Dana uses on a lot of her interfaces. She says its like finger painting. You can drag around colors so nicely. And there are SO many other things besides that in the KPT filters.

I am SO tempted. I’m not sure if I can rationalize the $199 but I might just need to give in and do it. I think that this could give me some needed freshness to some of my graphics designs. And now that I have a business license, it would be a business expense smile

Definitely something to think about before Nov 15 when the offer ends! Maybe some more jobs will drop in my lap before that time smile


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Is it hard running your own business? I’ve always dreamed of doing it myself but of course no skills to do it with. I would be terrified about the tax part of it all.... ugh. That’s cool that you do that smile

Well, ya know, I have only had it official for a month now. I’ve been designing off and on for people for the last 3 or 4 months actively, and I know this is what I want to do right now. I love creating and I’m gaining so much knowledge, and that will make me an asset to many smaller websites.

So I did some research and found out that it was only $20 to apply for a business license in WA, and as long as I have a gross sales for the year of X dollars (I don’t remember off the top of my head, but its way above what my sales would be this year!), I don’t have to deal with taxes at all. I have a business major, so I have some basic knowledge of the ins and outs, and it helps to have worked in my family business, so I’ve seen what they have to do for taxes and the like. So that helps too smile

I don’t know that having my business license will help me get more clients, but I think that the "being official" is nice!

Kristine you are my idol, that is my dream job. You want to be my mentor? ;) Yep, I bet being offical feels good. I use to make fake invoices in Quickbooks because I just wanted to feel important. Hehehe. If you have any business resources for WA, could you pass them along my way?

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