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good days

I love good days. Its been one of those so far. I’ve relaxed, worked, organized, and smiled. I got to talk to Megan on the phone (who did her first nursing home clinical today!). I remembered to turn on Chris, who I get to watch in real time now. I love the design I’m working on, and have other potential jobs just waiting for me to quote them. My calender got put up on the wall to make me smile (anybody else using a UPS calendar?? its my mountain!!) I’m sore today, but feeling pretty good about the doctor appt. results. And I’m wearing my soft happy gray jammies - I love wearing these because I have a matching bra and panties :giggle: I’m watching soaps, even though I missed yesterday. And cherry coke is a good thing smile

How’s your day been??


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Yeah for matching bras and panties and yeah for cherry coke! =) My day is going fine, but it will be a lot better when I get home and back to my EverQuest vortex! ;)

my day’s almost over, making it good smile

I’ve had a pretty good day, but the best part so far? I went to Sephora with Kymberlie at lunch today and then commented to Mike on IM later about some of the stuff from BeneFit that I *really* want, but I couldn’t justify spending the money on ... while we were talking, he ran off and ORDERED one of the items for me! Awwwww... And we’re having dinner together tonight, so it’s a double treat!

okay....you are too cute!!

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