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UPS and Mt Hood

How many of your workplaces use a UPS calendar on the wall? We do, and so do a lot of local businesses so we know the shipping schedule. So every year, we look forward to seeing what will be the pictures because they take them all over the world and they are beautiful.

Of course, I was VERY excited to see it sitting on my desk this morning when I came in. I hurriedly flipped through the pictures to see what gorgeous scenes would be gracing my wall (even though I won’t be here for the whole year). The cover is my favorite building in New York - the Empire States Building smile Wonderful picture. Flip flip flip.... September, October, November: Oh my goodness, its MY mountain!!! That’s my view! That’s what you see practically from my house, and even more beautifully when you take off in a plane! I am in awe. I knew I loved the view, but didn’t know they’d capture it so perfectly on the calender. *breathtaking*


For those of you with a calendar, feel free to write "Kristine’s Mountain" underneath the picture :giggle:


Man, can I *please* come live at your houseconfused PLEASEconfused It’s so *beautiful*! I loooove your mountain!

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