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Nope, I’m not talking about the washington weather, I’m talking about Washington. George Washington :giggle:

See that makes sense :giggle: Just call me predictable. tounge out

Found at Zuly’s place smile


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That was me, too.

BTW, all registered. Details on LJ, if you’re curious. I’m sure I’ll post later to BR, but it might be overshadowed by the fact that Justified is out TODAY and Kate and I are going to get it. ::bounce::

Thanks for putting up with my howls before I left. : )

haha, that’s a cute quiz. *reminds herself to take it later*

I acually made a web button that reads "I didn’t Vote" for the voters like myself that chose to sit this election out.

Hey, I’m him too. I seem to be in good company chickie smile

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