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participation positive

Time to start my week right smile

I know, its not monday morning anymore, but I wanted to point towards a few happy things smile

  • I have amazing friends online, who I would love to be able to hug in person. They help me make it through bad days, and celebrate with me on good days. I love you guys smile
  • i love and i am loved
  • I made it through my appt. without too much pain.
  • I got to do my hair and makeup today smile
  • Stargate is on,and we’ve got a pile of stuff to watch for the next few days, and that is so nice.
  • looking at wedding dresses makes me happy smile
  • mellowcreme.
  • people liked my new skin!
  • I got to chat with Jennifer and Kymberlie today smile
  • its been a good start to my week!


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I just thought I’d let you know that you are one of the few positive things in my week - and you don’t even have to try! smile

I agree that you are on eof the most positive things in my week also. Your courage to make it through the day and your creativity inspires me! Thank you!

Stargate? As in SG-1? Cool. That’s a good show. The layout is pretty, too.

Stargate? As in SG-1? Cool. That’s a good show. The layout is pretty, too.

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