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afternoon stuff

Well, my doctor wanted me to exercise more regularly, which obviously is hard when I’m this sore and icky feeling. But I braved the elements (its drizzling) and walked out to the mailbox and put some payments in the mail. I’m slow, but its the baby steps that count, right?

Now to regain the control over my body - I get so dizzy these days when moving around!!!


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Good job Kristine-a-ling! We all need those baby steps. smile

Excellent!! It is sooooo hard at first, but believe me, it is so worth it. It takes time, but you’ll be surprised, really, how well you feel after about a month. Just remember to pace yourself... walking around Target counts as exercise, because you’re moving around. And don’t forget your gentle stretches.

I’m so glad you got some Ambien—it makes it so much easier... between that and the Zoloft increase and the gentle exercises, I’d say you are well on your way. You are right—you can regain control of your body. You might not ever be 100%, but I *know* that in time you’ll be much better. I’ll be praying that by this time next year you’ve found a CFS friendly doctor and a treatment plan that’s working!

PS have you checked into local gulf war syndrom researchers? often they also treat CFS since they are similar conditions. smile

sorry for the novel!

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