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dark -need light

Its getting so dark so early in here. But I really have a hard time with the lights here in my office. The main light in here glares on my monitor and makes my eyes hurt. So initially, my plan was to get a lamp for behind my desk to cast a soft glow. I think something like this would work well - Torchiere with Reading Light - Steel. My desk is diagnol from the wall, so there’s a perfect spot for it right behind my cpu. And then, it will point up at the ceiling instead of on my eyes, and have the option of more light with the little extra one if I need it. Makes sense, huh?

And dude, its only 29.99? I’ve had this in my mind for 1 1/2 years and its that cheap? Man, I’m a dork!!!! smile


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My mom has that very lamp in her computer room! It’s very cute.

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