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more to-dos

I already took a nice rest in bed for almost a 1/2 hour, and before that I did some surfing. So I’m starting on a good note for today smile

Here’s my to do list for the beginning of the week... I’m doing so much better since I’ve been writing these up. Woo for me! smile

  • 2 graphics sets to be finished up
  • Go to doctors; refill prescriptions; bring doctor list; write up new symptoms list
  • Write 2nd outline for Chelsey
  • Work on design for Tim - design mockups 1st
  • Write Mike back with Quote preliminary
  • Write Todd back with Quote preliminary
  • Write Jay back with Quote preliminary
  • call the freakin' lerners people back.
  • CFS self help stuff - read another chapter - post about relationships, next
  • take a nap. DO THIS.
  • fonts stuff for GeekGrrl (found bookmrks put info together)
  • write Zuly with photoshop stuff.
  • take a nap. DO THIS AGAIN.
  • Back up all K: stuff to CD.
  • Blogstyles - work on 2.5 templates for 3 column stuff. Blogger template too? Write back 2.5 questioning person.
  • Portfolio database info in info out.
  • cut this list in half and don’t try to do it all.


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