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happy shopping

I’m always glad to have happy little diversions in my day, 'specially when I’m waiting to go to a dr. appt. and trying to be not so scared sh!tless!

Kymberlie posted Ice Cream Maker, Anyone?, and I actually got that ice cream maker in my gold box today! So I got to make a fun purchase so its on its way to Kymberlie smile

Ya know what really makes me smile, though? In my suggested other purchases, it told me I should get the Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book, and I’d *totally* love that (added to my wishlist!) I did a whole report on them in college, and have loved their philosophy ever since - almost as much as I love their ice cream!!! smile One of these days, I’ll scan in my report because it was so good, and I illustrated it in their style, too. smile So maybe I’ll have to keep my eyes open for what features I might want in an ice cream maker and buy this with it!! smile


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Whats this goldbox I hear about?

Thanks again, sweetie!

Mark, if you look up at the corner of Amazon’s site, they have a Gold Box that holds ten specials for the day that are good for an hour. While most of the time they offer crap I’d never buy, I have gotten a DVD player, a DVD, and now an ice cream maker.

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