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friday five 110102

its time for the religion version
If you don’t want to hear my religious beliefs, skip this post!

  1. Were you raised in a particular religious faith? Yes. When I was 8 or so, my parents found out about the Seventh-day Adventist church, and so we stopped attending the Methodist Church and started being SDAs. My parents were baptized, and we ended up becoming very active members in the church. I went to an adventist high school for 3 years and college for 4.
  2. Do you still practice that faith? Why or why not? I still have the beliefs, but I don’t necessarily celebrate them. I feel like I agree with the stuff, but don’t like the politics that go along with attending the church. I haven’t found a good church that I feel comfortable in, and there’s so many people that I have been hurt by in our local churches between high school and early college years. So I still do things to worship in my own way.
  3. What do you think happens after death? Sleep in the ground until Jesus comes to take us to heaven. That’s an Adventist belief that seems like the most comforting idea to me still.
  4. What is your favorite religious ritual (participating in or just observing)? I do enjoy singing and listening to music. Christian music really touches my soul. When I was in college, I definitely enjoyed the singing parts of the worship.
  5. Do you believe people are basically good Yes. I really do think that is the case.


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Sleep in the ground until Jesus comes back for us... hmm... That’s certainly a viable option. To me, it makes the most sense because "we shall not all sleep, but we all will be changed" and also "the dead in Christ shall rise first...then those that are alive in Him shall be taken" to be forever with the Lord.

I have some SDA friends, I used to go over to their house when I was about 16-18 years old...Observed the Sabbath, and no meat. What I like about SDA’s now is they are big into Bible Prophecy, which I am also into. I don’t believe everything SDA’s do, I respect their beliefs a great deal. Their beliefs are consistent with the Bible, and that is key.

Take care and God bless...