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weekend stuff to do

If you didn’t visit earlier, you might check out my post about new skins. smile

And these are some of the things I want to do this weekend...

  • 2 graphics sets to be finished up
  • Send Chelsey portfolio info.
  • Research ecommerce package - Mal’s e-commerce, and more
  • start working on project one: Eve. - all coding of 5 skins completed.
  • Work on design for Tim - design mockups 1st
  • Write Mike back with Quote preliminary
  • Write Todd back with Quote preliminary
  • Write Jay back with Quote preliminary
  • Write back Richard from forums
  • Kymberlie’s question - ask E about separators in urls pinged.
  • call the freakin' lerners people back.
  • CFS self help stuff - read another chapter - post about relationships
  • take a nap. DO THIS.
  • fonts stuff for GeekGrrl (found bookmrks put info together)
  • Upgrade MTAmazon to 2.21; add random wishlist thing
  • write Zuly with photoshop stuff.
  • take a nap. DO THIS AGAIN.
  • Back up all K: stuff to CD.
  • Blogstyles - work on 2.5 templates for 3 column stuff. Blogger template too? Write back 2.5 questioning person.
  • Refer database and upgrade
  • Portfolio database info in info out.
  • cut this list in half and don’t try to do it all this weekend.


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I really, really, really like this layout, Kristine. I changed my blog around for November, too ~ it looks kind of the same as my October one, but that’s because I haven’t had time to design something from scratch. I really like your new layout ~ good job!

Love the new layout! Very cool.

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