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Story skin

Halloween is over, and so I made a brand new CSS skin to replace mellowcreme as the default. Pick a Skin - the brand new skin is called "Story" and has a full and mini version to pick from.

Why is it called story? so much of the time when I’m explaining something, I get wordy and it turns into a story. So when I do that without really thinking, I tend to end it with "and that’s the story." This new skin contains an easy access to all of my subsites to kadyellebee, which provides more stories. smile

So check it out - I can’t wait to hear what you think about the nice cool colors and the cool tabs on the top, and the neato swapping sidebar smile


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I really like your new story skin. Now I think I’m going to spend the weekend trying cool geeky things on my own site as I’m all inspired to now! smile

The tabs are fab. Really, really nice. smile

Very simple and sleek smile

This is awesome—very nice!

Yep, this gets my thumbs up. I like it a lot.

Your new skin is very nice and easy on the eyes. For being on a dial-up, it actually loaded pretty fast. I gotta tell ya though, Kristine, your bubbles of love skin is the prettiest (IMO). I just love those mouse-overs. smile

Very nice. I’m still a grungy girl for now, though. smile Oh, and when I tried out the lite/mini version, I ended up with the old red and black one - there was no screenshot of the mini version either. Just me?

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