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stupid telemarketers

I am SO sick of my phone ringing. I got an unlisted number when we moved in because I hate telemarketers. But now they’ve found me and call at least 5 times a day. I’ve started ignoring the phone if it says "unavailable" on the caller id. And I figured out how to turn the volume down on my ringer upstairs because its just too obnoxious to hear it ringing and know I don’t care to answer it. Stupid heads, leave me alone!!!!!


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We’ve been getting a bunch of phone calls this week that we can’t *69. When we pick up, no one answers. Stupid computers. Today, I got caught by a wireless survey which I did since it was a real person and had a computer recording asking me to vote for Champ Walker. I had to hang up on that one! Can’t wait for the election to be over in that respect.

If you have Qwest (and maybe some of the other phone companies offer this), you can get Privacy Plus. Basically it blocks all of those calls. It’s one of the few good things about Qwest.

I don’t know if this link will work for you or not: http://www.qwest.com/pcat/for_home/product/1,1354,431_1_8,00.html

I don’t ever answer the phone any more. In fact, I don’t even think it’s plugged in right now, heh. It’s kinda silly how you’re supposed to DROP what you’re doing (right now, right now!) and go running for it anyway. I’ll call ya’ll back when I’m ready, m'kay? We have an unlisted number but DialAmerica got ahold of it and they’re relentless.

hi! i am a filipina who is about to be employed by a US based call center as a telemarketer. firstly, please forgive my ignorance of the american people’s apparent hate against telemarketers. by the way, to give you an idea, most call centers have relocated in the asia pacific to cut on labor costs. fortunately (for us) this means that college educated fresh graduates from prestigious universities filipino youth have an option: to work at a call center as a call center agent (a.k.a telemarketers) this is really sad.but the stark reality is, we third world nation college educated youth don’t have much of a choice.the good news is:those filipino youth who will be calling you are well bred: they came from good families and were trained to be courteous.i, for one, have great respect for other people (regardless of race) and by now am worried on how to deal with profanity spewing telemarketer hating irate americans.just to inform you, an agent here is remunerated $300 monthly. and this is really big savings for call center owners!reportedly, they are able to save millions of dollars from third world nations.and no, i would like to clarify , we are not stupid.thank you.if you wish to correspond with me just mail me.ciao!