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There are no trick-or-treaters. But E got some dark chocolate hershey’s kisses (with purple and gold checked wrappers!) for us smile Its too dang cold for anybody to be outside - its only 45 right now, but its way windy, so its probably even colder outside!

Happy halloween, everybody!! Enjoy the mellowcreme skin for another day or so smile


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Happy halloween! We didn’t have any kids stop by this year either. I’ll be taking the bag of candy to work tomorrow.

30 here. brrr! I no like. sad We live in the boonies so it was expected that we wouldn’t get anybody! A few years ago, my mom filled me in on the fact that I was conceived in a haunted house on halloween, so that’s cool. smile I suppose it explains some things too, lol!

We got the usual lot, thankfully none of the loutish gits, and then the rain started so all the trick or treaters vanished...just a shame that I had to head out and wander the streets in the downpour smile

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