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upgraded and stuff

Its been kinda a selfish day. I have things to do for other people, but instead, I worked on a project for me. Bad, Kristine!

I did get MT2.51 upgraded and a variety of other things done.

I’ve been celebrating halloween by eating more mellowcreme ;) E is gonna get some candy, but I’m really not up to handing it out to trick or treaters. We’ll see. I’m kinda feeling bah-humbuggy like Robyn is.

Soaps have been good today - ATWT had some fun pre-wedding scenes and evilRosanna was on ;) She’s just so different than Dixie, the last character Cady played! Two major storylines are seriously moving in GH that I’m enjoying - Alcazar’s release and Courtney’s stalker. Woo, can’t wait for tomorrow. And now David and Maria/Maureen on AMC is fun too!

Its been really cold today. winter is coming!


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