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up up up

poor E isn’t sleeping well. It took me a while to fall asleep last night, and at one point, he half sat up and started feeling around the bed to find me. I hugged him and asked what was wrong, but he just fell back asleep. And I’m pretty sure that something he did woke me up around 2:39ish, because I was all of a sudden awake (moreso than normal in the middle of the night). Poor boy. So I’m up for a bit, and hoping that he’s sleeping better w/o my tossing and turning.

I had more odd dreams last night. I distinctly remember being in our Vancouver house (where we lived between ages 14-18) and having E there with me (which is silly since we didn’t meet until I was 22), and folding pants, and having my mom ask me to call into work for her since she was going away overnight with dad. Hmmm... Odd dream.

I had some amazing brainstorms for things I wanted to do last night. And I kept telling myself "stop it, just go to sleep." Plus, I don’t need anymore brainstorms, I just need to work on the projects I have!!! smile

Charmed was a rerun last night, but it was one from last season I hadn’t seen. It seemed like an odd one to put in the middle, because it wasn’t from the start of last season, and it wasn’t from the end... and so it didn’t make so much sense. (to me, who likes people to do things in order ;) )

okay, trying to go back to sleep now!


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