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lazy sunday

After being up for a while in the middle of the night, I went back to bed for quite a while. Then ate breakfast, and played some Crash Bash. Then went back to bed for a nice long nap. Now i’m up, and sorted some of my favorite reads, answering questions, and listening to E play with his new games (he found some new site to download stuff that probably isn’t all on the up and up... )

Now I’m eating leftover rice pudding stuff, and trying to keep from sniffling - I think that the code weather is making my nose run! My weather bug says its 52 right now, but its been getting way chilly at night! We actually turned on the heat the last few nights.

That’s my boringness. Nothing too exciting or important!! smile


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sounds so much like my nice lazy sunday.

i just wanted to leave you a little hi and ((hugs)) smile

I’m not sure how to put this, but you definately are a scripty goddess.

"I think that the **code** weather is making my nose run!"

tee hee, yes, I do believe that came out unintentionally ;) I think I’ll leave it, that’s funny!!!

definitely something that made me smile this sunday afternoon smile

sniffles are going around. Hope its a itty bitty one.

We’re having crap weather here in NZ, freak hail storms and all. Mind you the sun is shining now, but then it should be at this time of year! I hope your sniffles don’t last too long! smile

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