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must have dvds

10 must-have DVDs for home theaters - Electronics Reviews - CNET.com

Any home-theater enthusiast knows that there are certain discs that make your home theater really look and sound like one. Unfortunately, all too often the movies themselves aren’t as captivating as the visual and audio pyrotechnics that they deliver. But who cares? We love them for what they are: awesome test discs that push the limits of our systems.

I had fun looking through the list. I’ve already seen a few of these with my DVD Player (Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down), and it was impressive. I’d really like to see Monsters, Inc, and then Attack of the Clones again. Once we have a PS2 upstairs, then I can watch my DVDs upstairs, too - woo! smile E doesn’t rewatch things very often, and I’d be happy watching some of my movies OVER and OVER and OVER!!! smile I’m my mom’s daughter in that respect!

Link from Gizmondo.


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