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more to-dos

Revised to do list. I really did good today when I could check things off. So maybe this will help me again tomorrow.
(I wrote this last night, but wasn’t quite done with it, so now I"m publishing it!)

  • 2 graphics sets to be finished up
  • 2 quotes to write up - one done!
  • start working on project one.
  • Carla’s photoblog templates.
  • Help Robyn w/contest entries - let her know which ones I can do.
  • look for more wedding sites to suggest to the authors to submit to wedding contest
  • clean up mailbox reply to all new emails still
  • call the freakin' lerners people back.
  • CFS self help stuff - read another chapter, post to mailing list
  • Fax Annette two emails (finish setting up locatis.com mail)
  • take a nap. DO THIS.
  • fonts stuff for GeekGrrl (found bookmrks put info together)
  • Fix collectics and MTAmazon beta
  • Send Jenn paypal stuff for SG and write back on template email.
  • write Mel back about her template
  • write pinkChristine with apology and php stuff.
  • write Zuly with photoshop stuff.
  • write Rina back about rundll32 issue fwd to E
  • take a nap. DO THIS AGAIN.
  • watch Charmed from Wed. night.
  • order library books 2 Rebecca blood books, and Eric Meyer’s original CSS one. Still find php book.
  • go through anniversary ring and wedblog submissions; delete bogus Blogplates ones
  • Blogstyles - work on 2.5 templates for 3 column stuff. Blogger template too? Write back 2.5 questioning person.
  • cut this list in half and don’t try to do it all today. Uh huh, that’s right, you must stop feeling obligated to sit at your desk all day when you KNOW that your body can’t handle that. Why do you think you got a migraine, stupid? Two days without naps, and waking up in the middle of the night = too tired body = migraine. TAKE A NAP! DON’T TRY SO HARD!


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