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busy morning!

I’ve been busy this morning! I spent quite a while getting posts caught up on the MT forums and then it was time for my groceries to get here, so I went downstairs and read the next chapter of my book. More about that later, I want to post some of the things I underlined. Then Annette called me with a question, and Leonard was in there and wanted to talk about wedding stuff. In the middle of our conversation, my groceries arrived, so I stopped and ran around putting my food away and called him back. They are getting kinda worried about wedding plans, and so we talked for a while about that and they are gonna come over maybe sometime this weekend and I’ll go over what I spent on stuff with them so we can get it figured out how they are gonna make it doing this wedding.

So I’m finally back upstairs to do a bit of wedding research and then get on some projects. smile No more walking for a while, my poor ankles don’t like going up and down the stairs so many times!! smile


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Just wanted to say that Schaun and I were only engaged for 4 months before our wedding, so feel free to send any planning questions this way! smile

groceries arrivedconfused do you order them on-line? we used to have PeaPod or GroceryWorks here in Houston. it’s gone bye-bye now. that was a pretty neat service.

About wedding plans...

For our marriage, my wife and I eloped to Gatlinburg, TN. The only planning we did was a couple of internet sessions to find a wedding chapel and a secluded romantic cabin nestled high in the Smokey Mountains. It was only us, no bridesmaids or groomsman, so there wasn’t any other people to please. The planning was ever so easy because the wedding chapel took care of most of details, such as minister, cake, video, photography. All we had to do was to show up!

Not that I recommend this to everyone, but it was the best way to get married for us. We both had the major, big ticket, weddings the first time around (and those marriages didn’t last long enough to pay the bills from the wedding and reception!). This time, we enjoyed each other, enjoyed the ceremony, had a great romantic dinner that evening. It was so romantic and we celebrated each other without interruption. It has really set the tone for our marriage.

When we returned home, we held a big reception for our family and friends, and the planning was stressful because we had to please everyone (what time to start, what food to serve, where to stage it, band or DJ) . Afterwards, we left to go on our honeymoon at Disney World, and once we were by ourselves, the stress evaporated!

Anyways, just my thoughts!

I think I should look into ordering my groceries - everytime I go to the supermarket I leave feeling like I want to strangle someone.

Ooh, I am jealous - I keep seeing Peapod trucks around town, I want to have groceries delivered too!

Can I convince you into stopping by the mt forums again? Just as I feared, I’m having problems with the upgrade. Ack!

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