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keeping up...

I’m not doing such a great job at keeping up this week! So here’s a few things I really need to get hoping on!

  • Poor Carla’s project that I haven’t finished. FIRST priority. Then add some of that info to Blogstyles with other tips that need adding.
  • Be dressed by 10 to get groceries and clean table.
  • catch up on blogs.
  • finish autumn leaves linkware set and add to graphics sets index.
  • Clean out mailbox.
  • REST. Rest. REST. rest. REST. (ie. rest lots!)
  • make dr appt. And order bcp for E to pick up tomorrow
  • Cancel credit card info at Aletia and AOL
  • play spyro
  • read next chapter of CFIDS book (while wating for Safeway guy downstairs?)
  • Add apple cake recipe to theredkitchen


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No, it’s not a priority smile Put Aletia at the top of your list... I know how they can get.

Ooooh, Apple cakeconfused That sounds very, very tempting! I’ll be waiting!

You may want to contact jaguarpc.net because they bought aletia. And put your request in soon because they are backlogged, so they say.

And awaiting the apple cake recipe. Sounds wonderful. Yum.

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