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If you were around last year, I had an obsession with the word mellowcreme and mellowcreme pumpkins. But I never did find a good enough picture of a mellowcreme pumpkin to make a design last year and had to make do with candy corn.

I’ve got a camera this year, and still had the desire for mellowcreme.... so I made a new skin - all up and ready for use this afternoon as a specially mellowcreme-y treat for you all smile

Check out the Skins page and make mellowcreme your skin!


The new skin is so cute! When I was a kid I would eat mellowcremes until they literally made me sick.

Oh that is too adorible—I love it!

It looks really cute smile

ROFL! I love it! Yum, yum!

i’m going to use this one!! this is too cute for Halloween! smile

What a great skin! smile

I love it!! You are so creative... I’m in awe!!

I love this! smile

this is too cute not to be my new skin for your site, but it doesn’t have a little photo thumbnail from Snap! so you’ll have to let us know when you add more pictures.

Oooh, great skin Kristine! I remember last year how obsessed you were with those melloecremes. LOL!