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design change?

I’m tired of this design. I like the patriotic, but I think I need something new. What shall I do?

I’m thinking of something along the line of my new favorite word....

mellowcreme ;)

Anybody got pictures of little mellocreme pumpkins they can give me? :giggle: This is when I need a digicam!!!


i’m sure whatever design you do will rock kristine!smile you ooze with talent..

and uhh..what is a mellowcreme?

Thanks, Lor!!

I did some digging and found a few bad pictures!! mellowcreme pumpkins and a recipes with mellowcreme pumpkins. Aren’t they cute? Like candy corn, but shaped like pumpkins smile

girl - i KNOW i saw a picture of those pumpkins recently. i’ll try to find it.

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