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RA dreams

Ugh, what an exhausting dream. I was working in the dorm as an RA again (resident assistant - you live on a floor in a dorm and are in charge of the girls on that hall - working under the girl’s deans.), and I distinctly remember the challenge of checking the girls in at night. I had 53 girls, which was close to double how many were on a normal hall, not to mention 5 boys I had to kick out, and girls whose names I couldn’t pronounce. I could almost tell you not the names of all of the girls, because it was such a clear dream. And that was the most stressful part of my job as an RA - meeting the girls for the first time - so of course that would be why I dreamt it so clearly. Ugh. But one plus - I had a private bathroom off of my room ;) That was nice!!

I woke up at 4 and thought about getting up to stop the dream, and the same thing at 5, and finally, I got up at 6. What is it with dreams that last so long? I remember my mom telling me that dreams are really only short even when they seem long. But I vividly remember it going on for at least those 2 hours!


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