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Well, I did pretty good on my to do list yesterday. In fact, all my walking up and down the stairs and getting all the stuff done just wore me out! I stood up too much, and really tried a bit too hard to get it all done. When I wrote the list, I knew it was too much, but it all had to be done, so I pushed myself anyhow. It was okay, though, I got it all done. I’ll post the cool image I used on the cover fo my dad’s turtle box later smile

BUT, the party went spendldly smile Megan came home to surprise dad, and mom cooked the dinner, so all he had to do was sit and relax. We had fun and giggled and laughed, and it was a nice evening. Megan used us as guinea pigs for her new blood pressure cuff and stethascope - she learned vital signs in her nursing class this week, so she tested us all out smile (my pulse was 76, and my blood pressure was 124/76)

So I came home and crashed. slept almost all night - got up once, came back to bed, got up at 6ish.

I think I got all the questions I knew how to answer answered over at the MT forums so now I’m gonna rest on the couch. Happy Saturday, my friends smile


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