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projects for today

I really have a lot to do today. And so I should be sleeping, but I woke up so much with that last dream that I couldn’t go back to sleep. I’ve been up for almost an hour now, and still, not tired enough. Ugh. So I’ll make a list. I need a list today so I don’t forget something.

Things I must do today:

  • make a cake for my dad’s birthday - and make sure E gets me cream cheese for the frosting (used whipped cream cheese that was already here). Apples cut up, in the oven, cake finished
  • make turtles for his present (cooling in fridge) and make the tin for them pretty. Card for top?
  • find wedding books to bring to Sarah, with invitation and program and stuff.
  • call at&t digital cable and find out why they sent me bill when I had reaccuring transfer and my online balance says 0.00. They didn’t get the payment, made it on the phone, and cable is back on! Phew!
  • Rest. Rest. Rest. Rest.
  • tape 7th Heaven tonight - 39 from 7-8 and John Doe - 12 from 9-10. - Had E do this!
  • shower and look cute by 5:30 when E gets home to take me to dad’s party.
  • Write back people in custom email folder


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I’m sorry you aren’t sleeping very well Kristine. I’m one that rarely remembers her dreams and obviously if I don’t remember them they were pretty unimportant and didn’t wake me up...wish I could pass them over to you for a week, so that you could get a good solid week of great sleep. (HUGS)

I all had trouble sleepin' BTW I love your website!

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