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worn out

Wow, I can’t believe how worn out I feel. I slept for about 9 hours, and then was up for 1.5, and then slept on the couch for 1.5, and then E woke me up and I slept another 1.5 in bed where it was warmer. Then I barely made it down the stairs to get some breakfast. Some stupid Lerners guy called about my outstanding balance, which I’ve explained on multiple instances to them, and its not anything I’ve purchase, but it took me 15 minutes to explain AGAIN to him, and that took about the rest of my energy to focus on getting coherant sentances to come out of my mouth. When I was finally done with that, I ate my breakfast slowly and then hobbled back up the stairs. I have a feeling that its gonna be one of those inside days because I don’t think I can make it back down the stairs. Maybe I’ll go back to sleep. :sigh:

And to top it off, I’m feeling depressed, which will coincide with that time of the month any time now. Ugh.


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