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p2p clients

From my Screensavers newsletter this morning, I found a huge information source in the Ultimate File Sharing Guide. If you aren’t happy with your P2P (peer 2 peer) program, check out the list!

My choice? I use KaZaa Lite. It doesn’t have banner ads, and I find almost everything I want with it. As an alternative, I use Limewire.

So there ya go. Helpful tips for you while I clean my email box (in the middle of the night!)


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I use Limewire Pro - but I rarely download songs. Well only the ones I like at the moment. I’m the type that if I like more than one song off the album I will go out and buy it. But that is just me (and please don’t take this as a you shouldn’t download songs post - it isn’t, okay?)

Oh and older songs, like from Violent Femmes and what not...I don’t go out and buy those - besides I had their tapes...why should I have to go out and buy the CD smile

I used to be a devout LimeWire follower until they started packing it with ads and miscellaneous crap. Then I started getting really icky search results. So I switched to the latest version of WinMX and I love it the bestest. (For now. ;) )

Kazaa Lite doesn’t contain any of the ads or trojans, but the last I heard, it does come with a version of Brilliant Digital Entertainment software. You can find more information on it from this article.


Its too bad Kazaa and WinMX aren’t available on for a mac. I swear Mac people are neglected.

{puts along with Carla} Sometimes being on a mac is a real downfall... can’t use good programs for downloading music (my poor neglected burner over here!), and no fun games. I get so depressed whenever I go to check out software... my poor son is the only one on the block w/o all the nifty games (but this is a good thing too! LOL!).

sometimes I really do miss my PC! sniff sniff

Why do I get the feeling that I won’t be approached by Apple’s marketing team anytime soon?

uh... that was POUTS... not puts.

don’t mind me, learning how to type again LOL

Oooh KazaaLite *is* adware and spyware free! Thanks Kristine, this is so much nicer to use than Grokster was

Hi, Does anyone know how to uninstall Kazaa Lite...unfortunatly I uninstalled it though my add/uninstall program and not the uninstall option the program comes with.....ANYWAYS there are some dll files that wont allow me to uninstall it so now I can install it again.

Thank you for your help

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