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today's projects

What have I been doing today? I took care of a few projects that had been waiting for me, and spent more time on some ongoing ones.
I set up a 2 3 column layout for The Agonist.
I finished up a few things for Angel at Pinkified, who is using one of my favorite graphics sets smile
Worked on Carla’s new project for a while - with more to go, but I’ll probably turn it into a tutorial for others when I’m done too smile
And even did a bit of maintenance at Picture Yourself!
I replied to a lot of emails today, too!

I have more to go, but I feel like today was productive smile


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It’s looking so good so far, I am so happy you’re helping me. Is my nose brown now? smile

Those graphics are some of my favorites too. It’s just such a cute set. Very feminine. smile

and another HUGE THANKS to you smile I’m so happy with the set (and all the help you provided).

I said it before & I’ll say it again.... you are AMAZING smile

I’ve been lurking around at blogs for almost a year now & after seeing your designs, I finally swallowed my pride & jumped in... thanks for the inspiration!

Oh, and I gotta tell ya... my hubby is a graphic designer. He couldn’t help me at ALL... all that HTML scared him LOL! When I showed him what I wanted to do, he got all flustered & conveniently found a project to do instead tongue out

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