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Ugh, somedays I don’t notice that I have a headache until I move. My mom called and stopped to drop off apples for the apple cake I’m making for dad tomorrow, and when I walked down the stairs, my head started pounding. I’m sure it was just sitting there waiting for me to move. And so now, my tummy is upset from the pain, and my head is throbbing. Ugh. Back to sitting, and no moving!!!


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Hang in there. Hope you get rid of the headache soon!

I’ve noticed the same thing!! Just last night, in fact. I had a headache—and I was reading a magazine, making a list for the craft store... pretty much ignoring it. But as soon as I got up to give the cat some treats BAM! like a freaking 2x4 had been smacked up against my head. And as soon as I stopped moving around, it was fine... very frustrating.

PS Did you see Time magazine this week? The cover story is about headaches. Interesting information about the research they are doing...

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