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wander-lust again!

The great spidering tool at Wander-lust is working again (on demand)!!!

And it works great with the new version of MT (that’s 2.5!) - with no added work on your part.

Here’s what you need to do...

  1. Create an Account at Wanderlust.
  2. Add syndication snippet to your MT main index template - this should be inside your MTEntries container:
    <!--syndicate <$MTEntryTitle$>|<$MTEntryExcerpt$> /syndicate-->

  3. Add the ping info to MT - go the Blog Config under preferences and scroll down to publicity. There’s a new field there for Other Notifications. Add this:

    And substitute the email address you signed up with!

Easy as pie!! smile Now you’ll show up on the wander-lust page when you update!

This isn’t an option in MT2.21, so you should upgrade!


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It doesn’t seem to work on 2.2 if you put the pinger code in the "URLS to Ping" box though. I think it should but it doesn’t.

Nothing in 2.21 either - Kristine, I take it the "Other Notifications" box is in MT 2.5? I’ve been afraid of upgrading given all the noise I’ve heard about problems. I downloaded the backup of my "mt" SQL database; do you think that’s safe enough?

I’m running 2.5 and it pinged for me following your directions—sounds like you might have to upgrade first then.

Yep, I’ll add that to my post. The instructions above are for 2.5. Medic, I think you are right, it makes sense that it should work with 2.2 in the URLs to Ping box, but now that I’m upgraded, I can’t test it out. But the new changes in MT2.5 might be working better with the pinging process, and maybe wander-lust doesn’t accept the way the old pings were formatted (in 2.1)

Oh neat! Thanks girl. You always have the best links. I’ll have to implement it when I have the time. Right now I need to make dinner.. would much rather be making the doughnuts. LOL!

i had the original w-l code in my site, added the URL to the wander-lust pinger to my 'URLs to ping" box in the config section of 2.5, and it worked like a charm, no further customization needed. ooh. i should go ping you with that post. (brb)

I lose my titlesconfused? Any ideas chickie?

Are there other sites like weblogs.com that are ping-able?

Kristine, Thanks for the great tip. I bookmarked this post and added it to my growing list of things to do this weekend.

Thank you Kristine - you’re right - it’s easy as pie smile

I’ve gotta upgrade and give it a try. I didn’t even know there was a new MT version out.  *blush*  Thanks for laying out chica.

Well I tried it, and it pinged away without error (got blo.gs and weblogs.com too) but when I checked their frontpage...nothing. I’m not there sad

I’m pinging now, baby! Thanks again for all of your help, and I’ll keep you updated on the other sagas ... *wink* Mush love!

Woo! I did it and it works. Thanks a bunch Kristine. :::hugs:::

i love all girls

i love all girls

Thanks for the scoop, honey! smile

Does it matter where in the MTEntries tag the syndicate code gets placed? I have the code in my template, the ping address in blog configuration, but I keep getting an error message that my ping failed. Not sure what the problem is. Is anybody else having problems?

I’m having the same problems as patricia, upgraded to 2.62, added the syndication script, added the ping info... getting an error when I post:

"One or more errors occurred when sending update or TrackBack pings. Check the Activity Log for the error."

And the link to the Activity Log doesn’t seem to work.