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stuff and things

I slept in this morning - didn’t even hear E leave for work! So now I need to get hopping on some projects, but I did some forum surfing and then rested on the couch for a while with Spyro because my back has been hurting me when I sit at my desk.

It sounds like the lawn-mowing season must be over, because usually Thursday morning, I hear trash trucks, then recycling trucks, and then lawn mowers. When I woke up, I heard the recycling (so I slept through the trash trucks!), but no lawn mowers.
(LOL, as I typed this, I just heard the lawn mowers start up in our back yard! They must just be late this morning for their Thursday mowing!)

I did manage to get dressed and go out to dinner with E last night. It was way yummy, and they had apple cobbler as a special last night. I love apple stuff! That had me questioning, though - what’s the difference between Apple Crisp and Apple Cobbler? Hmmm... ;)

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to work I go... :giggle: Hmm, oh yeah, I don’t need to move out of my jammies to do that anymore :giggle: That makes me smile!!! smile


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I would love to work from home... some of my best web-related work experiences and memories come from the handful of days I was permitted to telecommute during the summer of 2000. I felt relaxed and in control, and I ended up working more man hours than I ever did during a typical day at work.

I think apple cobbler has a biscuit topping, and apple crisp has a topping made of oatmeal, sugar and butter. Just call me your resident crisp expert!

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