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photoshop roadmap

A new month’s copy of the Photoshop Roadmap Newsletter is out. I always get such great tips and links from it, so if you do any graphics work, its a great newsletter to check out smile

I downloaded some great actions and styles smile Just what I need, right?! But hey, I cleaned them all off my desk already. That’s usually my problem - I download stuff and then leave it on my desktop forever. I’m starting to get a good system down of sorting AS I download, and then archiving all the zip files into a larger zip file so that when I need the readme files or details, I can go back and find it there smile Nifty!


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I’m sorry to say, I can no longer read your blog. It brings me much sadness, but... You have too many good links!! You got me addicted to Graphic Goo, and now this! tsk tsk

(I spent the entire morning catching up on back issues of Graphic Goo and downloading like a mad woman. ;) )

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