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aromatherapy and sleep

With all my sleeping issues lately, it helps to read what Zuly posted this evening. Now I’ve had multiple people suggest more extensive aromatherapy to me.

I’m particularly interested in the Solace DreamThyme Linen Spray - it sounds like an easy way to make my bed more relaxing. sarah-maddy also pointed me towares a few CFS-specific sites for aromatherapy a week or so ago: Aromatherapy for CFS and CFS and Aromatherapy for rebalancing. Both sites have specific aromas that help the symptoms that PWC (people with CFS) commently have. So I’m gonna do some looking for sites that sell some of these aromas. smile


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I had someone tell me to try aromatherapy for my insomnia.
I had to laugh, I have anosia and have no sense of smell.. smile

Hey Kristine,

I have found some stuff that will put you straight to sleep and if it doesn’t it sure will make you drift off a bit. It is by the healing garden. It’s called ZZzztherapy. The whole line is good. Just trying to help smile.


No need to look too far ... you have the friendly happy soapmaker that all but owes you her life in the house. I can truly hook you up, I have almost every essential oil under the sun. Let me know what you need or where to look for info and I’ll send you some stuff to try out. smile Mush love!

It never hurts to try! And you’ll smell yummy!! smile You can make E smell yummy, too... ;)

Actually, regardless of whether you are able to sense the smell, the chemisty of essential oils will work. The molecules of oil going into your nose, and then to your brain and blood, will have wonderful effects.

We have a great blend for sleeping. Check out:

Lunaroma Aromatherapy and Truly Natural Body Care

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