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Thanks to Brenna’s comment to my questioning the other day, I found the info on MT-RefSearch (mt forums thread here)

So now when someone hits my site with a google search, it will suggest links to check out. This is kinda important because I changed the archive date format not too long ago, so none of my archives are in the same place! I added a 404 page which helps with this. So if you search on google for something - like one of my top hits for MWI Connections, the 3rd result will get you to my 404 page, which suggests visiting this thread!

I made the whole thing a bit harder on myself because I deleted something when I was editing, so it took me a while to find my mistake, but I’m proud of the results. Yet one more PHP/MySQL experience to add to my knowledge-base! smile


glad you found my script.. and got it running! let me know if i can be of any further assistance.