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date with my boy!

I took a few naps today, and then went out to eat with E smile We made it to Olive Garden, and I had the delicious Chicken Parmeseana, while E had Fetucinni Alfredo. Both were delicious! With Andes Mints for desert ;) I’m always so full, and wish I could fit in some Chocolate Lasgna because the picture looks so yummy.

My dad’s 50th birthday is on Tuesday, so we went to the mall to see if we could see something quickly. Nothing jumped out at me, unfortunately. But we walked around way too much for my poor little legs. I leaned on E all the way to the car, and then hobbled up the stairs. Oh well, it was fun to actually be out smile

Now I’m listening to the Once More with Feeling soundtrack (on my computer because I can’t seem to get my real CD player to work right now, so it kinda skips as I type. Blah)... Toy Story 2 will be on in a while, and I’ll watch a bit of that before Charmed and Angel (new season!) come on. So I’m gonna do some coding while I listen. Amber Benson has such a nice voice!


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I love those mints! They’re my favorite part of going to Olive Garden smile

thanks for the birthday wish!!! smile

you know, whenever i talk about the blogs that i read, i tend to get my friends confused when i talk about all the Kristines. i know 2 Kristines (one of which is my sister who doesn’t blog but i talk about blogs with, the other is you), and 2 other Christines (of bigpinkcookie fame, and the other is one of my Chicago cousins)... i almost always have to refer to them by their url. i just think it’s so funny! smile

and now you’ve made me crave for Olive Garden’s soup and salad. yum!

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