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Outlook question

Any tips on how to best use Outlook to keep me organized? A lot of the time, I set an email as unread so I’ll come back to it, but it would be nice to be able to have an automatic method where I could schedule when I finish it. I see that I can do task requests, but it looks like those won’t send to myself. Is there an easy way to do all this? Anybody else that’s life is managed by their email? ;)


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There is! Well at least if it’s full Outlook you can, I don’t know about Outlook Express.

Anyways, I used to do this at an old job... the lawyer I was supporting would forward me emails, and I’d flag them for follow-up at a later date and then send them back to her to reminder her when the follow-up popped up.

When you have the email open, click the little red flag up at the top. Set the flag to Follow Up, and then under Due By, you can set a date and time. It will pop up a reminder at that time.

I had to buy OfficeXP for a course, and Outlook came with that so I’ve been using it to keep myself organized. I am one of the worlds *worst* organized people, really. Outlook has been helping me not be so bad!

Looking at Tasks, couldn’t you set a task and then set a reminder for when you want to come back to the email/item? For general things to remember, I added everything to the calendar and set up the Outlook Today view so I can what is due/what I need to finish in the coming seven days. I hope all that made sense. heh! smile

Along with what karia suggested, I was going to suggest putting them on your calendar. If you drag an e-mail to your Outlook bar onto the calendar icon, a New Appointment will popup. Then you can set it up with a due date. smile

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