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slow day

My weebly-woobly body has rebelled against me today. Just standing up for much of the day was hard, so I’ve tried to take it easy.

I got caught up on my cfids self-help group mail. I still have a chapter to read over the weekend at some point because this weeks reading just didn’t get read yet. I really am enjoying the book, though.

I did work on some coding - much of it theoretical and not completely necessary, more for the challenge of "can I do this?" And I did. I rock ;) I learned more MySQL commands today, including GROUP BY and more about using an command to make an element set AS some name right in the SELECT statement. Neato! Some of this will help out Robyn for the dress contest organizing site, but most of it was just for fun.

The MT forums were fairly quiet today, as were my favorite blogs. I didn’t really get a chance to go through any new blogs this week to showcase, so maybe I’ll look at that for my friday blogs in the morning. And I’m not a big shoe fan, so I didn’t do the friday five today either.

I’m working on a new skin for my journal, mainly because I found some neato layer styles that I wanted to tweak into lavendar tones instead of the blue. And it looked cool, so hey, its a start of a new skin.

My goal for the weekend is to get a full nights sleep. Or at least force myself to rest. I haven’t done so well this week about making myself take naps.

I’m also working on my portfolio. I have thumnail images of all of the old sites I’ve done, and write-ups about all but the latest. I’m gonna put it all into a database and make it easy to enter new stuff and then use php to put it all together. I’m excited, I really do have a lot of neato sites I’ve done, and to look at them all at once makes me feel better about all the work I’ve been doing the last 6-7 years that I’ve been desiging. (around 95 was the first time I played with a website on my free webspace at AOL. Of course, none of those sites are worth portfolio-ing :gigglesmile

I think Spyro is getting screwed up. E can’t get it to show that he won one of the sublevels for me - it just keeps asking if we want to do it again. So I can’t finish the game because I don’t have that egg. Pretty odd. And now, he can’t get Sparks to find the gems like he’s supposed to. Hmmm... I’m gonna have to buy the 3-Disk set so I can have all 3 games, because 1 and 3 are Matthews (3 is what we have been playing that’s screwed ;) ) Oh my goodness, I just went to search because I’d heard there was a new Spyro (Ice and Flame) out for Gameboy, and instead I found that there is going to be a new Spyro for PS2 in November!!!! Rock on, I’m so excited!

So that’s my babbling for the evening. My eyes are feeling heavy, and I think I’ll make E tape John Doe so I can climb into bed and enjoy the soft covers as I fall asleep. Did I mention how much I love my bed?! smile


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sorry you felt so wobbly today, i hope you feel better this weekend. ((hugs)) smile

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