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Do people really worry about this? Whether companies advertise during certain shows? Applebee's: `Gay Weddings' Ad Error - "As an advertiser, we - like most companies - prefer to stay with non-controversial shows," Laurie Ellison said.
My goodness, what a thing to be worrying about. Durh!


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What really gets me is the only companies that will go out of their way to market to Gays and Lesbians is tobacco and booze makers. They don’t have to worry about the facist/southern baptist complaining because they are already a "Sin" product. And that Gays and Lesbians have a higher than average rate of alcoholism.

Do you know that the VP’s Daughter is a lesbian and her job used to be a Coors as a Gay and lesbian markeing specialist. Her job was to try and get sponsors of booze at Gay rights events. Wonderful that is like having a black civil rights march sponsored by Colt 45.

"This is a lost opportunity for Applebee’s, not to support a show that promotes understanding," she said. I think that sums it up pretty well. But it really is quite silly. I can appreciate targeting a particular lifestyle or audience because of their socio-economic stance, but selectively avoiding one doesn’t seem to make much sense from a marketing point of view. Money is money no matter where it comes from. Unless of course (as perhaps they were) they were concerned about their image with the 'rest' of the population. Good lord, if people won’t eat somewhere because they advertise during an open-minded program, then THEY have a big problem!

I wonder what their preferred market is, who watches these "less controversial" shows! And this conservative Christian group - do they sit around watching these 'controversial' shows so they can then point the finger? Silly, silly, silly.

Yet another reason for me to hate Applebee’s. I worked there once, and it was hell on earth...I would say that it was the worst job I ever had in my life! They cheated me out of pay, gave me crap when Mike was in the hospital (he’d had a heart attack)...the list goes on and on.

I drive past this particular one every day, and it always seems to be busy. The clientele seems to consist mostly of the narrow-minded folk in this town...the same ones who taunt my husband for having a ponytail, accusing him of being gay because of this (actually, they use more derogatory terms, but I would rather not use them here).

So, yeah, I can see how Applebee’s is worried about advertising on this show. However, that doesn’t make it right. sad

A fax came into our company that I kept because it was so funny. I wish I could find it. Basically it was some group of people that were terribly upset we had advertised during a certain television show or on a certain channel.. oh yeah, apparently we advertised during The Man Show on comedy central.

They wrote a whole page about how degrading the show is to women and how we need to rethink our advertising.

Considering we have a site that focuses around finding cars and this seems to be of high interest to men, I’m not sure it was a bad idea. I know we advertise during a number of sports and had a superbowl commercial a few years back.

I think our attitude toward that sort of stuff is "screw em"

applebee’s is notorius for being very right-wing. i will not eat there because of that fact, and the fact that they have contributed to causes that i just don’t dig.

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