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Ugh, I hate waking up with dreams that are so vivid that I wake up. I’d so much rather not dream at all than have these vivid dreams.

I swear, I’m gonna ask my doctor about Ambian or something like that so that at least every once in a while, I can have a good nights sleep.

I was dreaming about red snipple fish/sharks (probably made them up) or something like that and they were chasing me and all I wanted to do was study for a test, but instead I had to be running AND studying. And the people on the bus were being mean. What bus? I don’t know.

I don’t understand where so much of this comes from in my head. But at least the people on the MT forums benefited from me being up for the last 45 minutes.

Now, I’m gonna go try again. Sleep, sleep, here I come.


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I was shocked to see your blog updating in my time-frame! Sorry you’re back up again... I’ve been having really vivid dreams lately, too. Hope you get back to zzzz’s soon!

P.S. Did you get my little summin' summin' earlier? wink

You could also try Valerian - both my mother and I found it very helpful when she was sick. It doesn’t make you tired, yet somehow you sleep better! smile

And I got a bit of a shock seeing you on the forums at this time of night!!

Ambian works great for me. I used it when I had surgery and when my hormones are screwed up. You need a full 8 hours to sleep, but you wake up well rested and not tired or drugged up. Good luck.

I hope you get some rest today!


Sending you hugs and thoughts for sweet dreams! ~hugs~

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