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loud trains

The trains are really loud this morning. I’m not sure if different weather makes the sound carry better, or what, but that was the 3rd one that I’ve heard, and its been really clear noises. I think all 3 have been freight trains as opposed to passenger trains because the noise lasted too long to be the speedy amtrack.

I’m only a section of apartments away from the highway (so I hear the trucks, too), and then the train tracks are right on the other side of the highway. Then comes the river, and right on the other side of the river and a mile west or so is the airport. So planes, trains and automobiles - I hear them all!


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Maybe it is the weather that makes them carry. I live about a block from the train tracks, and I’ve been noticing they seem exceptionally loud lately too. I’ve been trying to ignore it, like I used to... but the more I ignore it, the louder it seems to get. smile

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